Pushing boundaries & challenging conventional thinking

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OUR MISSION... to continually challenge the limits of performance and user experience!

Whether its improved performance in our Olympic Skeleton sled range or driving increased value & sustainable manufacture processes in our recreation range, innovation keeps us ahead of the game!

Looking for new and improved ways of achieving our goals is inherent within our dna. Whether its seeking new materials, design & manufacture processes or new technologies, innovation enables us to continually push boundaries across all our products range.

We work in partnership with world leading international technology companies in order to transfer the latest cutting edge technology into the sporting world.


...Its in our dnato push boundaries & challenge limits

Innovation Stories


Learn how we have spent four years of painstaking developing to produce one of the fastest Skeleton sleds in the world >



See how we investigated the aerodynamic wind drag of a 2man world championship winning bobsleigh >



Find out where the inspiration for Baseboarding came from and how we developed the original >


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We would like to thank all our Innovation Partners for their valued support. We believe that true innovation lies in like minded collaboration between world class companies. Witout these partners, we would not be able to do what we do!


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“To build the most advanced sled technology on the planet.”