As the sport of Skeleton evolves, the needs of athletes and coaches change.

In response to the growing appetite for runner innovation we have developed the sport's first online runner build & customise tool and secure order & payment system.

Our mission is to empower & support this new breed of athlete & coach with the tools to explore their own ideas and create a competitive advantage. This is new concept will revolutionise the way that athletes consider runners and it make what was once a ‘black art’ into a high tech era available to all athletes.


We have been at the forefront of runner innovation for over 18 years where we have explored and tested an enormous amount of runner designs on tracks all over the world.

During this time we have learnt three things:

1) Runner designs are highly suited to tracks  and their ice conditions.
2) Small design changes can have large performance impact
3) Athletes and coaches have as many good ideas as we do.

Over the last few years in particular the sport has experienced a growth in runner innovation with the aim of creating opportunities for finding a competitive edge. However these innovations have not been available to all


A new breed of technically aware athletes and coaches are evolving that are pushing the boundaries of runner design to new limits.

As the options and choice grows, the decision on what runner to race becomes even more complex. Runners are now being considered as a 'consumable to performance' with a limited lifespan as new innovations continually evolve and super seed older designs.

The winning attitude in our opinion is one that embraces innovation but employs a scientific, methodical and systemic approach to runner design & test.


We understand that our customers need to keep their orders and ideas confidential. Our strict customer confidentiality policy ensures that your orders & bespoke designs stay with you.


We pride ourselves on the accuracy, quality & consistency of our runners'. Our attention to quality ensures that we are able to deliver manufacture consistency, meaning all our customers receive the same level of quality and confidence in performance.

We endeavour to offer value for money, but we do not compromise performance for price. If you want a lower cost option then you will need to consider other ‘garage type’ sled builders.


We control all apsects of the runner manufacture process and we guarantee that all our runners where requested are made from official FIBT/IBSF regulated steel shipped direct to us from the designated Swiss factory. Other than poliching of the surface using standard grit papers we do not manipulate, treat or add any substance to the surface of the runner in accordance with FIBT/IBSF rules.

Click here for a link to the FIBT/IBSF rules:

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