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Aerospace & Olympic Origins

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The company's origins lie in the high speed adrenaline fuelled Olympic ice sport of Skeleton. It all started in 1994 when aerospace company BAE Systems sponsored the British Skeleton Team by developing cutting edge sled technology. This sponsorship programme was at the time driven by Kristan Bromley, a recently graduated aerospace materials engineer working for BAE as a special projects engineer. The British Skeleton Technology story was born!

Between 1994 and 2000, the project yielded unprecedented success on the track. In 1999 British Skeleton, underpinned by BAE technology achieved world number one status in the men’s, women’s and team field.

The twist in the story came in 1995 when Kristan, after committing to a PhD in Sports Engineering at The University of Nottingham in support of the project, decided to learn to ride Skeleton sleds to create more testing opportunities and efficiency for the sled R&D. A keen motocross racer, Kristan transferred racing skills from his childhood passion that of Skeleton and soon found himself challenging for a place in the national squad. The result of this combined engineer turned athlete was a career where Kristan held GBR number one status for an incredible 8 consecutive years. Kristan’s sporting career includes over 100 world cup events, 4x Olympic Games and multiple gold medal winning performance on the world stage making him one of the most successful Skeleton athletes in the sports history. Kristan’s finest performance came in 2008 when he was the sport’s first person in it’s 100 year history to win all three major titles in the same year - the coveted ‘Triple Crown’ (European Champion, World Cup Series Champion & World Champion).

Pursuing the Dream

In 2000 the BAE sponsorship of British Skeleton came to an end after six successful years. This triggered the opportunity for Kristan and his younger brother Richard (a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering) to realise their dream of starting their own business.

Kristan resigned from BAE and the two brothers started Bromley Technologies Ltd as a ‘spin off’ from the BAE sled programme. Founded on the principle of advanced technology transfer from aerospace sectors into sports, the company continued to support British Skeleton as its R&D arm with Richard developing his engineering skills at the sharp end of Olympic sports.

In 2006 the company left the security of the British setup and made the strategic decision to supply technology to an international customer base. It became truly commercially facing.

Over an 8 year period Bromley grew to support athletes and teams from over 20 nations and developed a reputation to this day as one of if not the leading Skeleton Sled Company in the world with over 150 medal successes to its product/customers names.

Action Sport - The Future

The company‘s insatiable appetite and ambition continues to grow. Its direction was redefined in 2012, with a staged dynamic investment approach, to become and sustain a position as a leading action sport brand in the winter sports domain. It’s primary mission being to conceive, create and drive to market innovative, game changing products & technologies in the action sports domain.

The company in April 2013 launched its first snow sport product line, the Baseboard, a product that fills a gap in the global snow sport market for a high thrill low skill level sledding activity. New product lines and technology are currently in development.  


The success of the company stems from its ability to identify opportunities at the front of the sports markets, and coupled with its restless nature, meets these needs by continually seeking a competitive edge from advanced engineering & technological innovation.

The fusion of cutting edge advanced technology, innovative engineering methodology and identification of market opportunities, yields products that are potentially market disruptive, a phenomina that was learnt and experienced at the sharp end of Olympic sport, where product performance wins over clever marketing every time. However combine the two and the mix is explosive.

Innovation is an ethos that underpins everything the business does. The company does not have an R&D department. It is the R&D department.


We have been fortunate as a team to have visited most winter sports countries in the world. We have experienced the chaotic nature of weather and how it is shaping our future and planet. We continually strive to pursue sustainable solutions to both product manufacture and business systems where ever we can. We recognise the impossible quest to truly deliver a 100% sustainable solution in today’s real world. However this does not stop us from challenging conventional thinking and trying. Every step towards this objective is a step in the right direction!

We have experienced the power that sport has on ingniting the imagination and instilling values in young people of all ages and backgrounds. Through our Olympic participation we experienced the charity Right to Play, a global charity tasked with giving every child the right to a childhood! Kristan is a proud athlete ambassador and Bromley Sports are delighted to support Right to Play. Please visit for more information about this amazing charity.

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