At Bromley Sports we have been designing, building and racing Skeleton sleds for over 20 years. Its been our passion!

We have grown with the Olympic sport of Skeleton since its re-introduction into the Olympic Winter Games in 2002 and have attained one of, if not the best medal to sales ratio of any sled manufacterer in the sport.

We support athletes and teams from over 20 nations, from Olympic & World medal winners through to grass routes programmes.

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive range of Skeleton technology in the sport from our cutting edge race models through to our event sled.

We pride oursleves on fairplay and work with the IBSF/FIBT to pass all our race models for FIBT rule legallity.

Our confidentially policy means that we do not share athlete speciifc information so rest assured that your ideas remain yours!

Be part of a winning team! Choose Bromley Skeleton sleds!


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2013 IBSF/FIBT Constructors’ Champion


X18 - The next generation...coming soon

Bromley Sports are taking orders for its next generation state of the art race sled. Contact us to discuss orders for deliver in September 2014.

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V14 - The multi-medal winning race model

The proven thoroughbred race sled. Super tough, adjustable & dependable, the V18 has been the choice of multiple world, medal winning athlete for up to Sochi 2014.

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T14 - Our low cost, grass roots model

The T14 is our entry level competition model. Fully FIBT legal, the T14 offers the perfect foundation for developing athletes to enter and progress in the sport of Skeleton.

The T14 offers a seamless transition to Bromley’s full spec race models.

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J14 - New!! Junior athlete model

Designed for the smaller physical size of the Junior athlete, the J14 offers a stable start to the young Skeleton athlete’s career.

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P14 - Paralympic model

Bromley Sports won the contact to develop the sport’s first Paralympics sled as part of the IBSF/FIBT’s Paralympics programme.

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TR1 - Event/Tourist model

The TR1 was designed to meet the needs of tracks and event organisers needing a safe and stable sled for one off ride events. The TR1 is a robust, low maintenance, low cost solution to these needs.

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Choose from our medal winning runner designs. Choice of bend style, knife design and sled fit. We produce runner that fit most sleds in the sport. Use our new online runner design tool.

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We offer the sport’s first custom runner design service. Design your own runner using our new online runner design tool.

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Our Mission

“To build the most advanced sled technology on the planet.”