The Bromley Baseboard has been conceived and developed by former World Champion and 4x Olympian Skeleton racer Kristan Bromley to fill a gap in the snow sport leisure market for an action sport inspired head first, sled ride and race concept.

Centred around a patented design and over four years of development by Olympic medal winning sled company Bromley Technologies, Baseboarding has been designed to create exciting new revenue opportunities for indoor and outdoor snow resorts worldwide.

Baseboarding is a high thrill experience, low skill level requirement activity that crosses demographics, from families seeking alternate inclusive snow sport fun, corporate event organisers wanting new exciting experiences to the ardent action sport enthusiast who is continually pushing personal boundaries via new adrenaline sports.

The Baseboarding concept and business model has been specifically designed to drive footfall and create high turnover revenue streams in confined indoor and outdoor snow zone areas.

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“... is set to define
a new standard in snow sled riding”.

Kristan Bromley
Former World Champion Skeleton racer & 4x Olympian


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Designed to ride head first, the Baseboard gives a fun and adrenaline fuelled ride experience

Riding solo or head to head, the Baseboard delivers a pure fun experience on snow.

Designed to connect to a range of lift systems, the Baseboard can be used in most resorts worldwide

The inclusive nature of Baseboarding creates the perfect action activity for all the family.



Baseboarding has been strategically positioned to fit into the very core of the action sport market. The 'board sport' stylised product design, high tech focus and head first ride posture connects to the very heart of what action sport stands for.

The Baseboarding concept opens a whole new category of action snow sport. From free-riding groomed runs, to head-to-head racing through a Baseboard Park, the Bromley Baseboard might just be the biggest thing to hit the winter sport industry since the snowboard or shaped skis.

The Baseboard is born out of the passion that every child experiences during the thrill of sledding down a snowy hill. Bromley has built on that passion and thrill with the development of Baseboarding by expanding it to appeal to broad age range, demographic and ability level.

Bromley has been testing the Baseboards for the last two seasons at their partner resort in Lillehammer, Norway – home of 1994 Winter Olympics. The ski resort of Hafjell – home of the Alpine Ski Events – has been the optimal proving ground for the development and refinement of the Baseboard.




Baseboarding appeals across demographics due to the high thrill to low learning time requirements. It is an activity designed to engage groups through inclusive riding and racing formats. Different levels of course design can create levels of ride experiences, each tailored to the specific user.




• Families seeking an alternate inclusive fun leisure activity.
• Corporate event organisers wanting new exciting team activities.
• Action sport enthusiasts seeking a new adrenaline rush.




We are currently working with Whistler Sports Legacies to launch North America's first Bromley Baseboard Park at the Whistler Olympic Park. Click here for more information >

In additional we will also be working with select partner resorts at locations around the world to roll-out this exciting new sport during 2015 and beyond. Watch out for a Bromley Baseboard Park coming to a winter resort near you.

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