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We have over 20 years of experience in designing & delivering advanced aerodynamic R&D programmes that result in performance gains essentially by reducing aerodynamic drag effects of athlete/equipment systems.

We have extensive experience in every stage of the aero project;

- 3D geometric form capture using laser scanning technologies >>
- Aerospace, F1 & University wind tunnel experience >>
- Advanced CFD analysis >>
- Performance re-design >>
- Prototyping >>
- Final manufacture >>
- In field test programmes >>

The field of aerodynamics is as much an art as it is a science and requires a carefully thought out strategies and project planning in order to deliver real performance gains. We intimately understand how to convert theoretical studies into results on the track and in the ‘field’ of play.

We offer discrete services through to fully managed comprehensive aero programmes tailored to suit your specific goals & resource. 

We offer our expertise and services to all sports that seeks aero drag reduction or a form of aerodynamic change.

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CFD oil flow visualisation of former Skeleton World Champion Kristan Bromley




We offer aero & reverse engineering solutions that deliver real performance gains across all sports



3D Geometric Form Capture of Athlete & Equipment

We offer white light and laser scanning services using the latest technologies that enable the capture of 3D geometrical form of athlete / equipment systems.

Scan data is presented as either raw point cloud data or STL format ready for post manipulation.


Reverse Engineering of Athlete & Equipment 3D data

We take the digital 3D scan data created from the scanning process and re-engineer it to create full CAD models that can be used for both CFD analysis, part prototyping and CNC manufacture.

We use leading reverse engineering software that ensures we maximise accuracy whist reducing processing time & costs.


CFD Analysis

We offer CFD analysis services that uses either reverse engineered data or virgin CAD design files.

We use fast & efficient CFD software to quickly analyse aerodynamic factors surrounding athlete - equipment systems before entering into more expensive wind tunnel programmes.


Wind Tunnel Testing

The wind tunnel is still the most accurate, real world method of measuring aerodynamic effects surrounding a geometric form. Wind tunnels vary in complexity and accuracy and usually scale in price for higher spec systems. We offer solutions that delivers discrete wind tunnel projects or a wind tunnel testing as part of a full aero solution.

We have exclusive relationships with a leading F1 wind tunnel in the UK that enable us to offer fantastic deals and results.


Performance Design

Once CFD and wind tunnel programmes are underway, we offer concurrent design services that enable new design variations to be developed and tested with the aim of enhancing the aerodynamics of the system. 

Our approach employs an iterative cyclic process of design - test - redesign that aims to minimise costs, time and maximises performance outcomes.


Prototyping & Manufacture

We offer full prototyping through to manufacture solutions including:

- Design & Machining of athlete & equipment test forms & fixtures for wind tunnel testing.
- Machining of plastic & composite mould tooling
- Plastic thermoforming and composite parts layup
- 3D printing / rapid prototyping
- Seamstress & performnce clothing design / support.

We have extensive experience in selecting the optimal prototyping routes in order to reduce both cost and time, whilst considering eventual manufacture options.


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